A Paranormal Experience

Curious about the paranormal?
I am.
It’s no big secret, all things of the supernatural fascinate me. After all, it’s why I write in this genre. But what most people don't know is the little incidents from my past that have shaped my interest in this.
As a little girl, my grandfather lived on sugarcane plantation and  I loved going there.  I still remember the first time I saw this huge ball of orange rolling across the tops of the sugarcane. I was seven, I stood there fascinated. My grandfather said it was the ‘fire devil’. Maybe he was teasing, but I never forgot that sight. An orange flame, rolling so fast over the sugarcane crops. Curious, I asked him to tell us more and my fascination grew. Our best was ghost stories.
But other little things started happening, as I grew older. 
No, of course I didn't see ghosts, angels, or anything of the sort, but I dream them—agh, not the ghost, I'd be hiding under the bed then. But about events, little things and they would occur a few days later. It always left me with a sense of deja vu, afterwards. But so far it’s on a smaller scales and usually relates to myself, or those close to me...

 Now my sister on the other hand has angels and ghosts appearing, while she's asleep. Yes, seriously! But she brushes it off as normal. And she lives alone. Brave girl.
Several years ago, my cousin’s husband suffered a massive heart attack during the night, he was rushed to hospital. The families didn't know about this awful happening. My sister who lives across the country, was asleep, jerked awake in alarm, and was startled to find a figure hovering in her bedroom doorway. She said a sudden chill filled the room. Instantly she knew something had happened, and asked him what was wrong. And like a whisper in her mind, he answered, 'Help her, she needs you.'
She tried to keep him talking, but he said he could not stay. Immediately, my sister called my cousin, who burst into tears and told her what happened and that her husband had just passed away. He left behind a gorgeous little girl.

A lot more of these happenings occurred over the years.
One evening recently, my sister said she'd been restless, and for some reason kept checking the windows and doors were locked. Above the door to her apartment, she hung a rosary, which was given to her when she moved into the place. 
Uneasy, she fell asleep, only to awaken sometimes in the early parts of the morning, someone was shaking her. She felt as if she was swimming out from a current that wanted to suck her back in. Until a voice, which sounded so melodious that she couldn't help but listen, told her had to come back. It wasn't time for her. Like a drowning person, she gasped for air to find the coppery taste of blood in her mouth. She'd bitten her tongue in her sleep. The vision sat on the bed beside her, had its hand on her legs and warmth surrounded her. Dressed all in white, she couldn't see its face. Then it rose, extremely thin and tall. It didn't walk, but glided to her closet and disappeared through it.
Strangest thing was, one she could never understand, if it was an angel, then why did it avoid the door where the rosary hung? 
An alien, it wouldn’t care, right? 
I guess, it’s a question that will remain forever unanswered.
So, my fellow peeps come join me, if you have a paranormal happening in your life, I would love to hear it.

Have a super day!

An excerpt for 'A Demon for Christmas'

So finally, here's Riley. Yes, that's his name, the hero from my 3 novel. A Demon for Christmas.
He just wants to be left alone, except Trouble, wearing cowboy boots has other ideas... enjoy. 

And guys, please don't forget to suggest a name change for this work in progress...


Riley stood at the curb and eyed the red corvette. Not that he had anything against it, but Saia became a true demon behind those wheels.
“We’ll travel in mine,” he said. Besides, he had no plans on arriving at her home being driven by her.
“You have a car?”
Should he be insulted? He headed for the black Escalade EXT pick-up parked next to hers and tossed her overnight bag, along with his into the back seat.
“Nice wheels,” she murmured. 
He didn't answer. Grasping her around the waist, he ignored the breathy rush of air that escaped her to scrape over his senses, as if he wasn't already responsive to her and dumped her delectable ass on the high seat. His jaw tight, his body hard, Riley strode around to his side. Once he eased the truck into heavy noon traffic, she turned to him. “I guess we should get to know each other? Huh?”
“No.” He kept his attention on the road, despite everything in him demanding he respond. He just wanted a damn distraction, some ear-splitting music that would drown out this awareness that yanked at him like a force field.
“Okay then,” she said.
Surprised she’d given up so easily, he shot her a sharp look. She laughed and angled her body to him. “So, I’ll tell you about myself. I'm far more interesting, anyway.” Her lingering smile told him she was teasing. And that single damn dimple was his undoing. Never, ever sit with her on his right side, he warned himself.
“You’ll meet my family soon. There are five off us.” Her fingers drummed a restless, offbeat tune on the leather seat. “You met the twins last night. There’s Noah, he’s the oldest and my parents. Beside, my dad’s wonderful. You’ll like him... and don't look so nervous, it’s just for the weekend. All will be well.”
“I don't do nervous. And if all is well, then why am I dragged in as the pretend boyfriend?”