Play with Me--Interview with Tony

 For those of you who's been dying to get the inside scoop on what's happening with Tony, I managed to sneak in a interview with him :)
 First off I must say he's gorgeous, but seriously, I'm glad he had a wake-up call at what happened.

1) What was your reaction when you first found out that Lisa was in love with Ryan.

I have to admit I was an idiot that I didn’t realize it sooner. She told me she was hanging out with him, well, she called it training, but it was obvious she enjoyed it. And I was the one who asked Hunter to distract her that day. Brilliant idea… To see Liz kissing him was about the worst moment in my life. I mean I never saw her and me together as more than friends. But I never wanted to lose her to another guy either. Their kiss… That was the end. It crashed on me like someone took a baseball bat to my head. I had about a three quarter second to realize everything was going to change. That I’d already lost her. And then I punched my second best friend in the face.

2) What's your favorite junk food. Burgers or pizza?

*Tony grins* Er, is it okay to choose none of the above. I mean I like burgers, and heck I love pizza, but there’s only one real junk food in the whole wide world. Cheese crackers, and if possible with a mayo dip.

3) How did you feel when you kissed Liza and realized it was far too late?

Oh my God, please don’t ask me that. Apart from the fact that I made a complete fool of myself that evening, I wanted to drown myself in the muddy little pond. Liza tasted so good. Sweet, soft, and everything a girl should be. And I just threw the chance to kiss her every day for the rest of my life away for *he laughs* that Barbie clone. I wanted to hold Liz and never let her go. But I had been the asshole in her life long enough. So yeah, I had to get over it…at least for a few minutes…and hand her over to Hunter, who I knew has been in love with her for a very long time.

4) Now that you can no longer hang out with Liza the way you used to, what do you do to fill that gap?

Well, it’s not like we wouldn’t be doing anything together any more. It’s just that we now are a bunch of people hanging out. And if I’m not with my friends, I try to get my drawing stuff together. I’m taking this advanced class of Arts, and the projects are keeping me busy enough. And then I have a weekend job as well. I’m helping Charlie in the cafĂ©. With the earned money I’m going to buy my first car soon.

5) Who do you watch movies with now?

You mean, since I can’t watch them with Liz any longer? *He grins* In fact, we still watch a lot of TV together or play video games. Usually, Hunter is with us, and sometimes Susan from the soccer team hangs out with us, too.

6) When you meet up with Ryan and Liza on double dates, does it make you feel awkward or are you happy to be with Liza?

*Tony looks at me for a few seconds, chewing his lip, then he gives me a reluctant smile* I’d rather not answer to this question.

7) Are you and Ryan still friends.

Of course. Just like Liz and I are friends. I’m standing above that ‘you stole my girlfriend’ crap ;-)