Sunday Teaser...

...from my upcoming release: AS

“I have no idea what you speak off.” With an impatient hand, she brushed the overlong hair from her eyes to reveal a star-shaped scar above her left brow.
“Okay, we’ll do this your way. Whenever you're ready.” Aethan crossed his arms and waited. He could read nothing off her mind, her thoughts walled up by pure steel. Made him all the more determined to get his answers.
“You can't keep me here against my will.”
“I'm not. You chose to stand up there, I just want answers.”
A low frustrated growl left her, made him want to smile.
Nothing in his long life prepared Aethan for the sensations spilling through him. Blood buzzed in his veins and rushed to his head as he faced a female who affected him like no other ever did. He was on a headlong collision with disaster, knew it, and yet here he was. Intrigued. Challenged by her. 

Chapter 1 of Absolute Surrender on my

A moment in the life of a nomad writer

As a South African, heck I never got to see snow in all its brilliant glory. So when we packed up and headed for the arid frontiers of the Middle East, I didn't miss it or think it would ever happened. But eight years later and away from home, the impossible has occurred.
Photos by Desiree Seekola.

So forgive a crazy writer who as rambled on about it AND posted photos for all to see and enjoy. I'm really sad to miss this phenomenal happenings.
Dare I say thank you global warming for this awesome sight?

View from my study window
Huh? You must be wondering what the heck is that picture? Caption say it all.
Seriously, if my neighbor's dog decides to run off, be sure we can watch it hightail outta here for three days hence... yes, it's that flat.

Now, I sit at my PC on this scorcher of a day and pound away, working on my current WIP. I forget about what's around me... yep, its wonderful to be back on the streets of New York and in the dark, gritty world of my Fallen Guardians.
Ciao for now, while I race after them to catch up with their stories...