So What's New?

Besides today starting off as such a blah morning? 
Could be the fact my muse has run off somewhere and I refuse to go seek, while he's hiding.

A few things since I last blogged. Yep, been busy writing.
Absolute Surrender, my paranormal romance has been contracted by Black Opal Books and is set for release late 2012/13.  YAY!!!
So, I wait for my edits on my first book in the Fallen Guardian series from my editor
Who's nervous? I'm just giving my cuticles a trim... with my teeth.
 Hmmn, perhaps Band-Aids is a really good idea right now.

So, a few months back I started Blaéz’ book, which was set to be my second in the FG series. But the warrior flat out refused to open up, decided he was better off staying in the shadows—but damn it, I had a timeline.
Did he not understand that?
 I tried to ignore the other voice which rose and refused to stay silent as I tried to coax Blaéz into not being such a hard-ass. The stubborn man wouldn't relent.
I stopped and took stock of the voice in my head.
He was mentioned once, just once, and in one line only, in Absolute Surrender, hauled his gorgeous butt out the depths of darkness he’d being living in, hollered in my ear, he'd had enough and wanted out. He refused to leave me alone until I put fingers to keyboard and wrote...
It could be the reason why this novel practically wrote itself.

Let me explain:  I'm not a plotter. I like the element of surprise my characters tend to spring on me. It’s what keeps me writing and pushing boundaries. So imagine my surprise, when I did my point form plotting and ended up writing an actual synopsis—well sorta. And to my amazement I finished my ‘skinny’ first draft in 12 weeks, but hey, whose counting.
 And Darkness Undone was born.
      Whoo hoo! I did the happy dance!!!  
      Now I'm halfway through fleshing out my script. And what do you know, Blaéz yawns awake, flexes those gorgeous muscles, and pins me with those ice blue peepers.
     “ Its time,” he said.
     “Time? Time for what?” I must sound like a parrot to him.
     “My story, of course!”
      Okay. Fine. I'm a sucker for those eyes. I caved, and started to write. Cramming every thing he wanted to say, in lots and lots of pages, I finally ended up doing a partial synopsis too, with an actual ending—
      But alas I had to leave him, because that little devil, my muse has parked himself on my desk and is geared up to go, so I'm off to write something…

 On another note, my daughter read my revised first chapter of DU and told me, Reynner reminded her of Dante, a video game character in the Devil May Cry series. When she showed me the picture, I had a OMG moment. Apart from a few differences, he could be Reyn's twin. So I couldn't resist, here's the link!


  1. Oooh, Reynner is definitively a hottie!! ;)

  2. Aha,love him too!!!! But he's such a hard head :)