Excerpt from my upcoming release: Absolute Surrender

For those who have been so patient...

'Foolish humans. They made it so easy for demoniis trawling to devour them. Aethan turned away only to find a mortal obstructing his path. He reeled in his impatience. She was an incitement for dark pleasures, all right.
Big breasts covered in a leather Band-Aid were teamed with a crotch-short skirt and thigh-high stiletto boots. Her long red hair fell around her face in wanton disarray. A seductive smile tilted her mouth. Heavy on the cosmetics, her hot blue eyes swept over him and lingered on his crotch.
“Can’t hide that angelic shit after all.” Týr’s annoying voice rang in his ear. 
The bastard was enjoying this. 
“I’ll tell you a secret.” Her voice, husky like a smokers, dropped an octave. She raised those sultry peepers to him. “I can see the future. It’s your lucky night, handsome.” She stepped closer and slowly ran her hand down his chest. Her attention wandered to the grinning son-of-a-bitch next to him and her eyes gleamed. “Or we could all go some place else…”
Aethan breathed in the scent of her arousal and a muscle worked his jaw.
Not unless you have a death wish. He peeled her hands off his leather coat, sidestepped her and headed up the street. Her gasp of disbelief followed him that he’d turned her down.
Didn’t these females realize how dangerous he was? They might as well stick their finger in a live socket if they thought he could give them what they sought.

Týr’s laughter drifted to him. 
“You’re one stubborn bastard. Me, I’ll take the pleasurable way out.” He shot a quick look at the redhead before turning back. “Would’ve been something, nailing her. She was game to be tag-teamed, too. Hell, shield in that cursed power of yours if you're afraid of hurting her and we’ll all be good to go. But you're way too mean to share.”
Hurt her? Týr had no idea what he was capable of. And his possessive nature was his own damn business.'

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