Released from the Dungeon...

Argh!!! It's been a looonnnnng month.

during edits!!
 Though I live in the desert, I haven't seen the sun. Or my family...  My life was put on holdI ate and breathed edits. Became a total neurotic. 
Oh, don't panic, all is well now, and I am smiling again...

For all those who stopped by, wondering why there wasn't any activity on my blog.
No, aliens didn't kidnap me  I've been in hibernationlockdownin a veritable dungeon of my mind, working on my first round edits for Absolute Surrender. 
Sorry, it wasn't anything so macabre as a true dungeon. I'm not that brave :)
But, in a few days my manuscript is off to my editor, so YAY!
In the mean time, a little update. Just before edits arrived, I had a super, brilliant idea which took hold of my mind and brewed. So, a month ago, driven by my characters, like a mad-person, I pounded away on my PC and spewed out the first chapter.
And what do you know  'A Demon for Christmas' was born.
It's about a character who makes a brief appearance in Absolute Surrender. From the first moment I wrote him, he stayed in my mind, and I knew great things were destined for him... okay, not so great, but trouble with a capital T. Lots and lots of trouble in cowboy boots. 
Yup, my heroine has no plans on leaving him to live his life in peace. 
I can't help it, I just have to torture my heroes, anyway I can.
 No, I'm not going to say who it is right now, so torture devices won't work on me. Hell, I'm immune to pain after the last month in the editing dungeon, hanging by the tips of my nails and ending up bloody and bruised. But it's worth it.
Hang in there, all will be revealed soon...

And a warm shout out to my friend and fellow author, Piper Shelly. Thanks for yanking me out of the dumps and putting me back on the road to sanity again :)


  1. I know you've been through one editing hell the last few weeks, hun, and I'm soo proud of you for not giving up!


    1. Thanks Piper,
      For your support, your words of encouragement which truly helped through that trying time... it's been hard. But I'm just glad it's almost over now.
      You're the best :)

  2. The best? Yeah, I know... ha ha. ;-)
    But you're very welcome! I'm just glad we succeeded in saving your wonderful and totally cool novel! I can't express the horror I felt with you when you showed me the damage done to it.